Baby Boomers Create A Demand for Used Medical Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

Baby Boomers changed the culture of teenagers all over the world.  Now they are ready to take on the perception of Seniors and give it a new boom. A decade or so ago, you couldn’t give away a used medical mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, let alone find a buyer.  Now, Baby Boomers are not only creating a demand for any used mobility scooter they can lay their hands on, but they’ll take on broken ones too.  Seniors of  60, 70 and 80 are the new 40, 50 and 60.  Determined to be as independent as when they were 20, and still determined to change and save the planet, our Boomers will recycle, fix, paint and upgrade with TLC. For what reason?  Like the teenagers of the 60s and 70s, they want it all.  A scooter in the home and a travel scooter in the car.  The insurance isn’t likely to cover both, so our seniors will do what it takes.

And lucky for them, times have changed. Years ago, people held on to their scooters.  Mainly because there were not the models to upgrade to and purchasers wouldn’t buy second hand. Now, there are plenty around to pick and choose from, it’s just a matter of doing a little research.  No longer always described as scooters for the elderly, or disabled travel,  independent senior transportation may be the headings you should research!  Boomers do not see medical issues as a disability, but merely a senior challenge.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Thanks exactly why I was looking at your articles. I’m a Baby Boomer who wants a second scooter! 🙂 Yes, I was willing to do some fix up, but your article on choosing a used mobility scooter saved me $$ on the battery when I negotiated the price.

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