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Servicing a Vending Machine Route

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The key to maximizing your time is to start in the earliest planning stages. Start locating in one zip code at a time and slowly expand you route as you go; this allows you to have your locations all located as closely as possible allowing you to maximize your time. The last thing you want (more…)

Replacing Office Chair Casters

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

There are instances where we have to replace our equipment in the office. Maybe an increase of the number of employees and their sizes is a factor. Replacing everything that is broken is not advisable option for the practical people who own a business. The replacement of the equipment may also be a big problem in terms of the expenses of the business. Budgeting problems may be common. Here are some tips for a company that will help to determine the right option to quickly fix or replace office chair casters that to buy a new one.

Checking up office equipment (most especially the chairs) for defects once in a while can add up to increased savings for the company. Keeping it inspected all the time is important for the employee’s safety and can avoid yourself accused of negligence for (more…)

Quick Hints For Grant Writing Success

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Every year, government, private or corporate agencies award billions of dollars in grants, some of which is never claimed and put to use.  Survey results show that small business grants, or grants for eligible individuals, remain unclaimed every year for the same reasons:

  • A previous grant proposal was turned down.
  • A letter of inquiry asking for an invitation to submit a proposal was turned down  
  • Detailed attention not paid to Funder Profiles resulting in a rejected proposal
  • Not using submission guidelines when writing a grant proposal.
  • Failure to provide a cover letter, or information stating exactly why the project fits within the given mandates
  • Failure to provide a (cover) Letter of Intent to a government agency 

Basically, there are two main hurdles to overcome (more…)

The Benefits of Portable Boards

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

If you promote your business through trade shows or other fair type atmospheres, you can use the portable boards and banner stands. They are easy to take to different places and can help really advertise your business. This can help you be noticed and stand out (more…)