New or Used Mobility Scooter Insurance – Yes you do need it!

Right now, there isn’t a law which says you must have insurance cover for your new or your used mobility scooters.  This is sure to change soon as there is a study taking a look at this very issue.  Either way, even before this is in place, you may want to consider covering your very special investment anyway.  A good, basic policy will cover both the scooter and third party damage or injury. This makes sense. You want to be covered for both repairs from accidental damage and theft.  Talk to your insurance company about what cover is offered if you hit something on the road.  Would you covered for transportation back home?  If you caused an injury or damage with your mobility scooter, don’t end up paying  the costs for damage as well as legal costs out of your own pocket.   A good, even basic insurance policy would relieve you of the worry, stress and expense should something happen.  And don’t wait until something happens and then regret you didn’t take out a mobility scooter insurance policy.  Let someone else take care of things while you enjoy the freedom and independence your new or used mobility scooter affords you!!

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