Quick Hints For Grant Writing Success

Every year, government, private or corporate agencies award billions of dollars in grants, some of which is never claimed and put to use.  Survey results show that small business grants, or grants for eligible individuals, remain unclaimed every year for the same reasons:

  • A previous grant proposal was turned down.
  • A letter of inquiry asking for an invitation to submit a proposal was turned down  
  • Detailed attention not paid to Funder Profiles resulting in a rejected proposal
  • Not using submission guidelines when writing a grant proposal.
  • Failure to provide a cover letter, or information stating exactly why the project fits within the given mandates
  • Failure to provide a (cover) Letter of Intent to a government agency 

Basically, there are two main hurdles to overcome initially.  The first is correctly identifying the right Funder Profiles.  In the long term it will save you time, effort and money to only contact agencies who are likely to fund your requests.  This may seem obvious, but in is in fact where many applicants fail first.

You must then familiarize yourself with the submission guidelines in order to know how to confirm your suitability.  To submit a compelling grant proposal, you must first understand the elements of grant writing and terminologyIf you aren’t sure of your talents in the areas of funder identification and grant writing, contacting your local freelance grant writers and grant consultants is a very wise route to take.  They will boost the likelihood of getting your project or business funded.

If you want to take a shot at writing your own proposal, then request a Grant Submission Guideline and a Request for Proposal, from the funding agency.  This information will include amongst other things:

  • What you must include in your submission
  • Where you must send it and by when
  • How long the process will take
  • Grantee information
  • Minimum font size and maximum pages 

Some typical submission hints are:

  • Check and check again that you’ve followed the guidelines
  • Meet the deadline – even if your proposal isn’t perfected
  • Don’t forget to provide a cover letter
  • Keep your confirmation info

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