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Mobility Scooter Parts and Accessories

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Newbies often ask me:  What parts may I need to buy or replace on my used mobility scooter?  What accessories are available?

I’ve made a list below of those  I know that are most frequently used or needed if you are buying a used mobility scooter directly from a private owner:

  • brake assembly replacement pack (cost approx $80 – $170) and you can buy them online.
  • 24volt battery packs up to$60 – $400.  12 volt batteries are a little cheaper. (Look for a one full year replacement warranty when buying batteries – not all new ones are equal.)  You can buy them online.
  • arm rests are frequently worn out particularly by heavy owners.  Finding replacements online is very easy.
Mobility Scooter Accessories that are most useful are:
Back packs, baskets, arm rest pouches, cane and crutch holders, oxygen cylinder holders, walker holders, flag kits, ramps, mirrors, lights, tiller bags, touch up paint, scooter lift.