The Fit Is Crucial With A Plus Size Strapless Bra

Women having a larger bust size often find they have fewer options for bra styles.  This is a growing concern as today’s women have larger breasts compared to ten years ago when the average size was a 36C.  Despite the need for larger bras it still can be hard to find a bra for a larger woman.  Plus-size bras are more of a challenge to designers and manufactures.  One of the most challenging designs is those for plus size strapless bras.  Many large busted women limit their wardrobe choices, staying only with dresses and tops that can be worn with conventional bras with straps.  Regardless of the limited availability, with some lucky shopping you can find the right strapless bra.

The first step to finding the perfect one is having a proper fit.  A high percentage of women wear the wrong size bra. You should have a professional fitting, this way you know your correct size.  Many lingerie stores and boutiques offer this service.  Once you know your size you should consider the style that will best fit your needs.  However you shouldn’t give up comfort for style.  Stylish as the bra may be, an evening out in an uncomfortable bra can ruin the festivities.  Three things to look for are the construction, style and fabric.

When shopping it is best if you shop in person, that way you can try the bra on to ensure a precise fit which is imperative.  When trying it on, you should check for comfort and support.  The majority of support comes from the construction and width of the band. One such comfortable yet supportive option with a wide band is the padded bandeau bra. Try moving around, stretching and bending to make sure the fit is good and there is no slipping. Support with this type of bra is critical – a bad fit can lead to very embarrassing mishaps.

Keep in mind that you may need to set a budget for your plus-size strapless bra.  This is not a garment you want to be pinching pennies on.  It may cost a bit more but the comfort and good fit will be worth the extra amount that you may have to spend.

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