What Is The Direct Hair Implant Method

The direct hair implant surgical procedure is the best hair restoration solution for balding problems that has ever come along.  It is a procedure that has taken hair implantation to a new level.  For years, the number one successful way to get hair growing in a bald spot has been by transplanting hairs from an area of the scalp with good hair growth, usually the rear portion of the scalp, into the thinning area.  This procedure was messy and painful though so a lot of guys opted out and tried some hair growth remedies the really did nothing but waste their money.

Originally, the hair restoration surgeon would actually cut out pieces of scalp from the back of the head in order to harvest hair follicular units to be transplanted.  He or she would remove a slice of scalp and then sew the incision up.  Then another would be done.  While this process was taking place a group of assistants would be removing the hair follicles with their associated hair shaft and support structure one at a time under a microscope.  The surgeon would then make small incision into the scalp and place each of these follicle units.  Each would then require a suture to keep it in and to assist with scalp regeneration around the incision.

As you can imagine this meant that there was a lot of pain and scarring at both the removal site and the transplantation site.  In fact, the patient usually had to wear a full head bandage for at least a week.

With the direct hair implant method the steps of removing the scalp and cutting holes in the skin at the bald spot have been relegated to history.  Instead, the surgeon can now utilize a new surgical instrument which can directly remove each hair follicular unit from the scalp and then implant it directly into the bald spot.  Thus the name “direct”.  This means there is very little pain and no need for sutures.  This procedure can usually be done in an afternoon at the doctor’s office and the patient leaves with no bandages at all.

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