What’s a Fair Price for a Used Mobility Scooter?

Second hand mobility scooters are now coming onto the market more regularly than in the past.  They can often be found in the free classified newspapers or in the classified sections of local newspapers.

Prices vary considerably for private transactions, so you will first need to check that you are not being asked to pay too much for a scooter that may be in need of repair and a new battery.  You must also find out about the availability of spare parts and accessories.  If finding replacements is going to be difficult, you may find yourself stuck with a mobility scooter that hat can’t be repaired at a later time.

A quick way of finding a ball park figure for a private sale, is to ask a mobility scooter dealer how much they would allow you in a part exchange deal. The price the dealer gives you will be on the low side as he will need to make his own profit.  But it should give you a ball park figure to play with.  For this you would need to know the model, age and condition of the mobility scooter you were intending to buy second hand.  Also ask if it has received any replacement parts and when.  A new battery or motor replacement will bump up the price, but save you the full cost of buying them yourself.

If you are thinking of buying a second hand mobility scooter through a dealer, compare prices by looking at what other dealers are selling. It is always worth asking at a scooter store for their best price.  If they are eager to do business, they will be open to negotiation. Start by asking how long the scooter has been at the dealership and go from there.  If it’s been on sale for a long time, you will probably get a good discount to get it off of their hands.

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