Why use Dog Life Jackets?

As we are all well aware, dogs love the water and are generally good, strong swimmers.  With this in mind, many owners like to take their dogs with them when they go out sailing.  This is all well and good in perfect, calm conditions, but what would you do if the sea became rough enough to upturn the boat or a gust of wind blew your pet overboard?  Trusting your dog’s swimming abilities is naive.  Most dogs have no experience of swimming in violent seas with large waves and, if rescue doesn’t come quite soon then they will tire very quickly.  However, don’t despair and think that maybe you should leave him home in his dog kennel.

If you still want to take your pet with you on your boat then dog life jackets are the answer to these worries.  Just like human life vests they are extremely buoyant with a very visible, orange fabric.  Some come with a chin support so that there is no risk of your dog’s head gradually sinking beneath the water as he gets tired.  Comfort is ensured by the use of adjustable Velcro straps and good padding.  Because a dog can’t lift his legs to assist you in pulling him out of the water many makes of pet life jacket will come with a handle on the back so that you can simply lean down and grab him.  If you don’t want one with a handle then you can buy a boat ladder to make it easy for your dog to climb back on board.

So, if you are never happier than on board a boat but also love your dog and don’t want to constantly leave him behind then consider buying a pet life jacket.  This way he can share in your enjoyment of your hobby with no risk to his health and safety.

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