Wii Fit Becomes Your Virtual Personal Trainer

No one in a million years ever would have considered a gaming system a health revolution.  Well a million years passed in a flash when Nintendo released its gaming system.  The unique controls gave birth to all kinds of applications.  One of the most unexpected was the ability to use the system to create your own virtual personal trainer.

It might seem impossible that a video game system could in any way replace the expertise of a live trainer but this system gives evidence to the contrary.  The wii accessories for wii fit include a fit board and a vitality sensor.  They are used in conjunction with instructional workout videos.

Both the board and the sensor monitor and measure body statistics like weight, posture, and heart rate. Information is also gathered from questions asked by  software and the responses that you enter.  From this information workout plans can be formulated using software.  It can also monitor your information during a workout to ensure that you are using correct form via the board that calculates your posture and weight distribution.  The monitoring of your heart rate ensures that the intensity of your workout fits your needs and abilities.  This is a huge plus for people really looking to exercise effectively.

The capabilities of the software are constantly evolving meaning that it will only offer more and more features in the future.  The information that you get from the software and the accessories is the same information that people pay trainers to give them during a session.  Because it is video based software it can even give you virtually encouragement via a little video character on the screen.  The biggest difference between the virtual version and the real version is that the virtual one is on call 365 days a year at any hour.  The wii fit accessories make your gaming console your own personal trainer.


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